Ai-Ai Delas Alas Turns from Tanging Ina to Tanging Ninang in her Latest Movie with Regal Entertainment

Ai Ai Delas Alas is back in the big screen with her known brand of comedy which will tickle your funny bones with a story that will touch your heart with D'Ninang.

This is actually her first movie for 2020 along with Regal Entertainment Inc. and from Tanging Ina, Ai Ai takes on an equally important and essential role as ang tanging Ninang in this movie. I had the chance to be part of its grand media launch held in 38 Valencia Events Place.

In D'Ninang, Ai Ai portrays a pickpocket with a big heart that although she feels the guilt of the activity she is doing, she extends help in her community which makes her a sort-of a godmother to everybody. You can say she is the female counterpart of Robin Hood because she gives to the poor what she steals to the rich in that sense.

The whole press conference was filled with laughter and insights not just from Ai Ai but also from her co-stars Angel Guardian and Kiray Celis that plays her proteges in pickpocket, Lou Veloso which plays an older pickpocket too and part of their whole scheme and Kisses Delavin which plays the role of her long-lost daughter Mikhai who decided to live with her but she is unaware of her mother's illegal business.

The movie showcases a heart warming story about human relationships and one's struggles to keep the goodness in her heart despite hardships in life. Which if you ask me is quite hard because sometimes no matter how much kindness and goodness you have in your heart, circumstances might change you and this movie shows a side of that struggle that we all experience in a different perspective.

It also tackles about continuing that fire of hope in ourselves and our unwavering belief for change for a better tomorrow which is a whole different struggle for a lot of us in our fast-paced lives.

I am very excited to see this soon and if you are too make sure to save in your calendar as it will hit cinemas on January 22, 2020.

With a superb cast headed by the Comedy Queen Ai Ai Delas Alas, Joey Marquez, Kiray Celis, Angel Guardian, McCoy De Leon, Kelvin Miranda, Lou Veloso and Kisses Delavin.

This movie is directed by GB Sampedro and produced by Regal Entertainment Inc.

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