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Cherry Prepaid Launches Ganda Promos and Vice Ganda as its Latest Ambassador

Cherry Prepaid has recently launched their latest promos and its ambassador at Novotel Manila yesterday. The Phenomenal and unkabogable comedian Vice Ganda is its newest ambassador along with 'Ganda Promos'.

As its set to level up the mobile data experience with its users Cherry Prepaid has expanded its offerings from the affordable CMSurf to the newest leveled up version - Ganda Promos. Powered by one of the telecommunication giants in the Philippines - Globe Telecom, it has become one of the most affordable and fastest provider of affordable data, call and text promos to the Filipino market.
Since its inception in 2015, Cherry Prepaid has been serving more than 5 million subscribers nationwide with its range of promos from data, call and text at affordable rates allowing everyone to be connected everyday of the year.

Knowing that Filipinos are among the heavy internet users of today, Ganda Promos is an upgraded version of  top pre-existing promos Cherry Prepaid. It is compr…