7 reasons why you should vote ASEAN party list

Win Ballada poses for photos during the press conference held last May 4 at Tipsy Pig Gastropub, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

Academicians, Students and Educators Alliance (ASEAN) may not be as famous as compared to other party lists. Yes their nominees are not established politicians. But one thing is for sure. They have the heart and mind to serve the Filipino people in Congress.

Win Ballada, the chairman and first nominee of ASEAN met some of the invited bloggers and press for an intimate meet and greet last May 4 at Tipsy Pig Gastropub, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

During the duration of our chat, I have decided to list down seven reasons why you should consider voting ASEAN Party-list this coming May 13, 2019 election.

  1. The nominees comprised of professionals and educators. Take for instance its Chairman and first nominee Win Ballada. He was a CPA Board 2nd Placer (May 1994). He was also an auditor, textbook author and academician. He served as a member of Finance Committee of the late Senator Miriam Santiago in the Senate for three years. Talking about credentials, Ballada have that.
  2. They represents the sectoral party of youth, professionals and OFW. Once elected, they will push the welfare of the said sectors.
  3. They believe that a family should have at least one professional member. They will identify the “poorest of the poor families” and nominate one or two children each family to enroll in a college education without grade requirements. They believe that grade doesn’t define its character. Once graduate, this student can help his family and can eradicate poverty.
  4. They will provide financial assistance to those graduates who wants to take any PRC Board Examination through “The Professional Review Subsidy/Financing Program”.
  5. They plan to build and improve public libraries through “Enhanced Public Libraries Act”. This can be achieved by updating library books so that our youth have accessible study and training areas.
  6. Through the “OFW Cheaper Remittance Act, they will initiate to decrease the remittance cost of the OFW. By this, this will help OFW to save their hard-earned money abroad and can help their family sustain their needs including.
  7.  They will lead in amending of PRC Modernization Act of 2000 by releasing the actual test questions of the PRC Board Exam and the publication of the Top 25 placers instead of the actual Top 10.

Mr. Ballada is a firm believer of education. According to him, education is the greatest leveler thus we should invest in them.

“Put people in the government with the right education and moral integrity,” Ballada added.

“One thing I can promise you, whatever trust and support you bestow sa ASEAN Party-list and on me personally, hindi ko ‘yan sasayangin. The advocacy we are pushing are essentially brought about our personal experiences. Alam po naming kung papano maging mahirap. Alam po naming ang fear na hindi ka makapag-aral. Alam ho naming ang fear na bumagsak sa board exam. Alam po naming lahat ho yan. Pinagdaanan po naming yan. We would want to be of help through our advocacies. Tulungan niyo ang ASEAN. Hindi kayo magkakamali. Hindi naming iyan sasayangin.” Ballada said.

Once again, don’t forget to vote ASEAN party. They are no. 23 in the party-list ballot.


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