Five interesting facts about Senatorial hopeful Albert De Alban

Senatorial candidate Atty. Angelo De Alban during the press conference held yesterday, October 30, 2018, at Quezon City.
Wearing a white long sleeve and blue jeans, independent senatorial candidate met some of the members of the press last October 30. The conference was supposed to start at 11:30am but he arrived at around 12:30 PM. He was apologizing to the bloggers present at the event since he arrived late. Prior to the press conference, De Alban and his team had to rush to Comelec’s office to appeal in the disqualification case filed against him.
According to ABS-CBN News, Comelec wants to declare Angelo de Alban as a nuisance candidate. They question his financial capability to run a nationwide campaign.
“I was so surprised to receive the petition for disqualification because I know for a fact I’m qualified because I’m a lawyer and teacher at the same time,” says De Alban.
“Insulting on the part of teachers and lawyers because yung iba pinapayagan nilang tumakbo without any actual qualification, but lawyers and teachers are qualified and they consider them nuisance candidates,” added De Alban during his interview with ABS-CBN News.
De Alban is a neophyte in the political world but this does not mean he does not deserve a seat in the Senate. We may not know him but allow me to share with you some  interesting facts about Atty. Angelo De Alban.
1.       Family of lawyers and teachers
Being a lawyer and teacher runs in the blood of De Alban. Grew up in Bulacan, he comes from a family of lawyers and teachers. As a matter of fact, his grandfather is a lawyer, while his grandmother is a public school teacher. His father is also a lawyer.
Currently, he teaches law subjects at the University of Sto. Tomas.

Teacher with a passion. Atty. De Alba is a proud teacher at UST teaching law subjects since 2008. Image:
2.       Pro-bono legal service
He has a family to raise. He  and his wife, Shao, just got married last January and are proud expectant parents of their first child this coming November. If he know that his clients have capacity to pay his legal services, he will charged them. But according to De Alba, the bulk of his legal services is pro-bono. He provided free legal services to those under-privileged, be it drivers, teachers, security guards, and even janitors. He served as a lawyer for a group of public school teachers in Laguna victimized by loan sharks. He also lawyered for at least 200 security guards and won almost Php 4 million settlement.
According to him, he found fulfillment and satisfaction in helping those people.

Atty. Angelo De Alba with his wife Shao during the press conference.
3.       Social media campaign
While he may not have a lot of financial resources as compared to his competitors, De Alban plans to campaign thru social media like facebook and Instagram. Not mentioning any names, he also plans to have a celebrity endorser who can relay his message to the people, which is the message of improvement not just of change
4.       Plans to enact laws to protect teachers
One of his advocacies is to have one integrated education codes that would actually set outs the rights and obligations of the teachers.
“The teachers are overworked and underpaid. Some of the teachers committed suicide since they are overworked. We have to have laws to prevent that. The law said that they should not exceed 8 hours. Pero ung teacher mismo because of their work load, they want to finish these so that the next day, the workload will not pile up,” says De Alban.

5.       Advocacy in protecting the entertainment industry
If elected as Senator, he wants to enact laws that would ensure people from the entertainment industry not be abused anymore
Ask why he runs for a Senatorial post and not any lower positions, “ I run for Senator to help people to improve legislation – not change but improve legislation. As a Senator, the main purpose is to make laws. Kung ang tumatakbo hindi yan ang plataporma, may problema. That is why I have been consistent from the start. My advocacy is to improve the lives of the people by making better laws. Laws that would actually benefit them, not just the government, not just the economy but actually the people. Ang gobyerno ay para dapat sa tao,  not the other way around.” says De Alban.
I believe that the voters now are more intelligent. I hope that after reading his achievements on this blog, you would consider voting for him in this coming 2019 mid-term election. For more information, just go to


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