Watch: Q&A performance of Katarina Rodriguez and Arienne Calingo during MWP final screening

The 37 of 40 official candidates of Miss World Philippines 2018 together with the reigning queens. Image by Oli Sara

Entertainment News Portal had the chance to cover the final screening of Miss World Philippines today, August 15, at House Manila. The media, friends and supporters of the applicants could hear the happenings inside the screening room though we are only adjacent to the venue.

 According to Bessie Bessana, 65 girls submitted their application but only 59 actually showed up. The girls are grouped into 5 where they face the screening committee composed of reigning Miss World Philippines queens, officials and executive of Miss World Philippines and Resort World Manila. Each girl would have to introduce themselves stating their names, background or advocacy in one minute. After that, they would answer the questions thrown by the screening committee.

Katarina Rodriguez arrives at House Manila for the Miss World Philippines 2018 final screening on August 15, 2018.

We managed to video record the Q&A performances of Katarina Rodriguez and Arienne Calingo, some of the most talked applicants of Miss World PH 2018. Katarina Rodriguez was crowned Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental 2017 and represented the Philippines at Miss Intercontinental. She placed as first runner-up. Meanwhile, Calingo competed at Ms. World Philippines 2016 and got the first princess crown. She also participated in Bb. Pilipinas 2017 and managed to be in the Top 25 semifinalist.

Arienne Calingo arrives at House Manila for the Miss World Philippines 2018 final screening on August 15, 2018.
Watch the videos below. You could not see the face of Rodriguez and Calingo since the actual screening venue are off limits to the public. Thus, you can only hear their voice.


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