Philippine Designers Gala 2018: Spectacularly World Class (Part 3 of 3)

This is the Part 3 of our review series on the Philippine Designer’s Gala 2018 fashion show. Entertainment News Portal’s (formerly Pageant Buzz) correspondent Dale Gregory Medina walk us through on what had happened at the said fashion show held last July 29 at Sequioa Hotel, Quezon City.

Ron Ramiro
A dramatic inspiration to the designs was shown by the 21st designer of the evening, Ron Ramiro. The collection shows an apologetic and orthodox interpretation of love. The inclusion of head accessories made the collection more unconventional.

Akbar Jura
An Indonesian fashion designer also participate the event. The 22nd designer of the evening, Akbar Jura’s creations show a modern touch on women’s casual wear. The combination of black, white and pink colors glance the runway. The inclusion of earth inspired materials made the collection more interesting.

Vince Borja
Vince Borja a.k.a Amado Mio was the 23rd designer to slay the runway. His collection has no specific inspiration, for him, fashion is about personal lifestyle. His first creation to take the runway was a Filipiniana dress with a twist. Upon looking at his designs, this designer has a more experimental way in creating his masterpieces. To sum up, his creations were experimentally beautiful and elegant.

Kalid Kalid
Kalid Kalid was 24th designer to conquer the runway. His goal in making his creations was to make women more confident, vivid and feminine. The sparkling evening gowns will surely make any woman elegant and sophisticated. The men’s wear in his collection unleashes masculinity with gentleness.

Christopher Egne
Christopher Egne was the 25th designer of the night. His collection embraces sophistication and femininity. The pink with floral inclusion and a bit of glitz on the designs made the collection elegantly feminine.

Hans Jeo Rapanan
Strong, powerful and monochromatic neutral color was showcased by the 26th designer of the evening, Sir Hans Jeo Rapanan. Every creation presented on the runway was appropriate for any occasions, practical yet very fashion forward.

Niel Catapang
Another collection that has the potential to be seen in a pageant scene is the collection of the 27th designer of the evening, Niel Catapang. Niel’s collections are simple but elegant perfect to be worn by a beauty queen. The collections are regally feminine.

Christopher Ledesma
Mindanao inspired collection was presented on the runway by the 28th designer of the evening, Christopher Ledesma. The designs showcased the different culture and tribes in Mindanao. The collections somehow gave everyone a tour to the beautiful Mindanao.

Dogg Ficher
Dogg Ficher brought shock to the audience. He is the 29th designer to take the runway. The collections are shockingly amazing. It is not the typical type of fashion you will see on the runway. This designer is really a daredevil, in my opinion, he has a more liberal and radical way of expressing fashion.

Nicole Weygan Rodriguez
From a liberal touch to a more practical design, Nicole Weygan Rodriguez was the 30th designer to take the runway. Her designs are practically fashion forward. Every creation presented to the runway was stylistic, sophisticated yet simple. Every single piece is ready to be worn in any occasions.

Antonio Antonio
The last designer to slay the runway is the timeless and very talented Antonio Antonio. Sir Antonio’s collection was glittery and geometric. The floral infusion to the collection is very Antonio Antonio. His creations is another very millennial that can be appreciated by any generations.

The students from ICE (Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship) also conquer the runway with one of their signature masterpiece.

The fashion show ended with the awarding of the Designer of the Night and the awarding of the people who made the show possible, the photographers and the official media partners including Pageant Buzz now known as Entertainment News Portal.

The show only shows that Filipino designers are the most talented and the most creative in the whole world.

We would like to thank Maleficient Models Academy for the invite. Can’t wait on your next
fashion shows.

About the author:
Dale is a public school Science teacher who has passion in pageantry and fashion. He is a food lover and loves to travel the Philippines and the world to taste the different cultures has to offer.


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