Mark Striegl on having a healthy and fit lifestyle: “Don’t let cheat meal turn into a cheat day”

MANILA, Philippines - Asian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) superstar Mark "Mugen" Striegl had a special appearance at the recently concluded Cosmo Body’s “Live Well, Feel Better HIIT Party” event at Anytime Fitness BGC yesterday afternoon, July 20.

Mark is Filipino-American MMA fighter having fought in many different fight promotions around the world such as URCC, PXC, Legend, DARE Championship, and MIMMA.

He led a 12 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and ab circuit session in front of some fitness enthusiasts, bloggers and social media influencers. He also discussed the importance of sports nutrition in achieving a healthy and fit lifestyle.

From left to right: Ryan Kolton, TJ Padua, Franco Loco, and Kenyong Filarca 

 “You can workout as a professional athlete. You can workout every single day, very intensely, twice a day, two hours per session till complete exhaustion but if you’re not eating correctly and having right nutrition and taking the right supplementation, to be honest you will not going to get the most of your workout. Your body can get deteriorate and worst, you will not recover as fast. Your workout will go to waste. Treat your body like a temple: have a right diet and have a right supplementation.” Striegl told the press.

“My normal day right now is a lot of training and sleeping in between training session and having a very clean diet and right supplementation, I wake up in the morning and take a bunch of supplements and vitamins.”

No pain no gain. The participants of  Cosmo Body’s “Live Well, Feel Better HIIT Party”

The press also asked Mark’s message for those who want to start a healthy lifestyle.

“Enjoy the process. It’s a process not a destination. You have to enjoy it. Embrace it. Just aim to workout every single day. Don’t burn yourself out. Do a little bit every single day. Embrace the lifestyle. Don’t let cheat meal turn into a cheat day. Just have a cheat meal here and there. Have fun with it,” 

Aside from his various endorsements, he is also preparing for the URCC championship fight with a Korean fighter this coming August 25 at Manila Cove, Okada Manila.

Also in attendance during the event are Nino Bautista and Red Gatus, founders of BFC Laboratories.

“Anytime Fitness BGC High Street is our first stop on this tour. Through our ‘Live Well, Feel Better HIIT Party Tour’, we hope to spread the message of health and fitness through sports nutrition in a fun, interactive and informative manner,” said Nino Bautista during his speech.

Mark Striegl with Nino Bautista, co-founder of BFC Laboratories, and Zylen Flor Fanche, BFC Nutritionist

Resident BFC Nutritionist Zylen Flor Fanche also teach the participants during the event some nutrient dense, high- protein and easy to prepare food that is perfect for health and fitness conscious individual.


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