Man of the World 2018: Who is the Perfect Man to Conquer the (Your) World?

Reigning Man of the World, Mustafa Elizali. Image: PEPPs Foundation

Two days before the finale, our contributing writer Dale Gregory Medina lists down the possible winner of the 2nd edition of Man of the World pageant.

MANILA, Philippines – There is no denying that thirty of the most dashing and handsome gentlemen from all over the world are up to prove that they are the perfect man for the Man of the World 2018 title.

Man of the World 2018 has been described as a competitive batch with contestants composed of movie stars, gym trainers, body builders, young professionals, doctors, a nurse and models.

Now let’s take a look to the candidates who made sparks in the duration of the pageant.

First is Peru’s Juan Carlos Cabrera Torres. Torres is the very first deaf candidate of the two-year old pageant. His main reason of joining the pageant is to inspire others most especially those handicapped people like him. Will this inspiring gentleman prove that there is no limit and boundaries to be Man of the World 2018?

Juan Carlos Cabrera Torres, Peru. Image Ross Paris Photography

Let’s meet the pride of Guam, Joseph Lawrence Bondoc. Joe, his nickname, was born in Sta. Rita, Pampanga and grew-up in Guam. He loves being immersed on both Guam and Philippine traditions and culture. He was mentored and coached by an international Filipino pageant coach, Shandy Montecarlo Lim. Being trained by a Filipino with competitiveness; will this island hottie bring home the very first Man of the World crown of Guam?

Joseph Lawrence Bondoc, Guam. Image Ross Paris Photography

Picking up the list is the heartthrob from Thailand, Natapol Srisarn. In an interview by Missosology, he said that it has been his dream to be Man of the World. He also mentioned that this will be his last attempt in pageant due to his age that’s why he is trying his very best to win the title. Will dreams and determination be his shining armor to win the title of Man of the World 2018?

Natapol Srisarn, Thailand. Image Ross Paris Photography

Next in line is the pride of Korea, Kim Gil Hwan. This professional diver hottie is the replacement of the original winner of Man of the World Korea but with his undeniable breathtaking appeal and charisma, he managed to impress every pageant enthusiast day by day. Will this professional diver make a perfect dive for the crown? 

Kim Gil Hwan, Korea. Image Ross Paris Photography

Last but definitely never ever be the least is the Philippine pride, Clint Karklins Peralta. Clint is a registered nurse from the province of Camarines Sur. He is also a runway, print ad and TV commercial model. In an interview, Clint mentioned that this will be his last pageant stint. He said, win or lose, after his reign in Misters of Filipinas, he will fly back to London to practice his profession. Will his London comeback be postponed due to his Man of the World 2018 win?

Clint Karklins Peralta, Philippines. Image Ross Paris Photography

These gentlemen are more than ready to prove that they are the perfect man for the Man of the World 2018 title. Will one of them be declared as the winner? We’ll find out who will be the perfect man on the coronation night on July 14, 2018 at San Juan, Metro Manila. The reigning Man of the World is Mustafa Elizali of Egypt.


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