Miss World Philippines 2017 First Princess Glyssa Perez presents breast cancer awareness advocacy in Malacañang Palace

Miss World Philippines 2017 First Princess Glyssa Perez inside the Malacañang Palace.

Glyssa Perez attended the collaborative meeting with Presidential Commission of Urban and Poor (PCUP) in Malacañang last June 5, 2018.

The meeting was led by PCUP Commissioner Norman B. Baloro that aimed to tackle the proposed activities on “Kabahagi: Kabahaghari”, an initiative on the social inclusion of the Urban Poor LGBT Community by PCUP.

Perez discussed the prevention of breast cancer in the Philippines. She is advocating the said cause with the help of ICanServe Foundation.

From left to right: Cirio Pastoleno, Director IV for OCS-OSA; Atty. Jong Reyes, Project Evaluator Officer; Cypress de Guzman, Glyssa Perez, Isabelita M. Somozo, Asst. Cabinet Secretary; Norman Baloro, Presidential Commission For Urban Poor (PCUP) Commissioner 

"Last Tuesday June 5, I had the opportunity to present the importance of raising awareness of breast cancer, especially here in the Philippines.  I was very excited and grateful for the opportunity. It was a successful collaborative meeting and they were very accommodating," Perez shared her experience in Malacañang.

"Breast cancer is prevalent in our society, especially in the Philippines. There are many cases of women around the world who develops breast cancer without knowing it, and die from it. Unfortunately, that is the case for many Filipino women. They develop breast cancer without knowing it, and they either die from it/ or are too late in their stage in breast cancer. That is the reason why, there is a need to inform and educate Filipino women and men about breast cancer. Because it is not just women that can develop breast cancer, but also men. Breast cancer is curable if detected early and treated properly", Perez added.

Also present in the meeting is Zara Carbonell, founder and Managing Director of Dear Self. She also presented the social inclusion concept including self-Awareness of LGBT and awareness on breast cancer.

Way to go Gly!

Report by: Dale Gregory D. Medina


  1. Is she joining miss world phil. 2018?

  2. Best advocacy ever. Hope she joins Miss World again!!!

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