Friday, January 10, 2020

Ai-Ai Delas Alas Turns from Tanging Ina to Tanging Ninang in her Latest Movie with Regal Entertainment

Ai Ai Delas Alas is back in the big screen with her known brand of comedy which will tickle your funny bones with a story that will touch your heart with D'Ninang.

This is actually her first movie for 2020 along with Regal Entertainment Inc. and from Tanging Ina, Ai Ai takes on an equally important and essential role as ang tanging Ninang in this movie. I had the chance to be part of its grand media launch held in 38 Valencia Events Place.

In D'Ninang, Ai Ai portrays a pickpocket with a big heart that although she feels the guilt of the activity she is doing, she extends help in her community which makes her a sort-of a godmother to everybody. You can say she is the female counterpart of Robin Hood because she gives to the poor what she steals to the rich in that sense.

The whole press conference was filled with laughter and insights not just from Ai Ai but also from her co-stars Angel Guardian and Kiray Celis that plays her proteges in pickpocket, Lou Veloso which plays an older pickpocket too and part of their whole scheme and Kisses Delavin which plays the role of her long-lost daughter Mikhai who decided to live with her but she is unaware of her mother's illegal business.

The movie showcases a heart warming story about human relationships and one's struggles to keep the goodness in her heart despite hardships in life. Which if you ask me is quite hard because sometimes no matter how much kindness and goodness you have in your heart, circumstances might change you and this movie shows a side of that struggle that we all experience in a different perspective.

It also tackles about continuing that fire of hope in ourselves and our unwavering belief for change for a better tomorrow which is a whole different struggle for a lot of us in our fast-paced lives.

I am very excited to see this soon and if you are too make sure to save in your calendar as it will hit cinemas on January 22, 2020.

With a superb cast headed by the Comedy Queen Ai Ai Delas Alas, Joey Marquez, Kiray Celis, Angel Guardian, McCoy De Leon, Kelvin Miranda, Lou Veloso and Kisses Delavin.

This movie is directed by GB Sampedro and produced by Regal Entertainment Inc.

For more updates, Follow Regal Entertainment Inc. on Facebook and Youtube, @RegalFilms on Twitter, @RegalFilms50 on Instagram.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

JAMS Top Model Philippines 2019 Goes Nationwide

The stage is all set for January 2020 for a bigger and fiercer JAMS Top Model Philippines 2019 as the participants were introduces to the esteemed media invited yesterday, December 28, 2019 at the SMX Trade Hall 1.

With over 300 aspirants who came from different regions of the country in sought of their dreams in the modelling and pageantry scene. As these models strut their way in the runway, they also bring in an awareness of showcasing the colorful pride of their cultures.

This one of a kind competition has three categories in store, Category 1 comprises of 5-9 year old aspiring models that in the presentation brought out a very enigmatic energy and finesse in their runway walk and showcasing the gowns that they have chosen that represents their region. Category 2 is from 10-15 years old which also showed tenacity like their older peers while they walk with sky high heels and confidence that says they are not here to play games. Category 3 is for 16 - 25 year old aspirants that just like their younger counterparts showcased not just their fierce smizes but also their elegance under pressure.

These aspirants will be judged by their Poise and Bearing, Overall look, X Factor and Audience Impact. As this competition truly caters to the Youth Empowerment by showcasing their talents in Modelling.

JAMS Top Model Philippines was conceived by the Team of JAMS Artist Production founded by Maricar Moina and Jojo Flores, and it became a diverse pool of artists and was accredited by one of the top networks of the country - ABS-CBN. Since 2013, JAMS has been a home molding young individuals to embrace their gifts and bring pride to our country. And with this kind of event, They believe that they can forward and share the advocacy of Nationalism and upholding the Culture, Tradition and Tourism of our country.

So on January 28, 2020 let's all witness the moment where we crown the Next Top Models of the Philippines and we raise prides with our kababayans in their journey to the top. Along with the competition, JAMS Top Model Philippines will also have performances from different well known artists, surprise judges and many more! Check out SM Ticket Outlets and be there!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Beauty Wise and Moppa Cosmetics Celebrate Success

Beauty Wise along with Moppa Cosmetics have celebrated their second and first anniversary yesterday and it was a fun-filled Moulin Rouge inspired celebration at the Grand Ballroom of Okada Manila. 

If you are not aware of Beauty Wise it is a Filipino owned brand created by JNJ Beauty Essentials that is swiftly creating waves in the beauty market by the testimonials of satisfied customers not just by its effectiveness but also their affordable price that is very accessible by all skin care addicts. Moppa Cosmetics also part of JNJ Beauty Essentials that provides Korean cosmetics fit for Filipina skin tones. 

As their mission to inspire and empower women in their most confident, natural best its really amazing to see the Grand Ballroom filled with these women who also are part of the company decked up like French socialites and are ready for the whole program. 

The program was hosted by none other than a strong empowered woman that doesn't let the beauty standards get in her way to be an amazing entertainer - Tuesday Vargas which made the whole ballroom laugh and gather round with the roster of performances from Daniel Matsunaga, Yuki Sakamoto and also the Asia's Phoenix Morissette Amon who performed songs fitted as theme songs for all the confident women in the ballroom. 

Quite honestly I was amazed not just with the crowd but also the other celebrities that are in attendance that fully support Beauty Wise and Moppa Cosmetics. 

One of the highlights of the program is awarding the top selling agents that have striven to build a strong clientele not just from Beauty Wise products but also Moppa Cosmetics.

As a brand, they don't just aim to push products but also change lives and I have seen that and can say Beauty wise and Moppa Cosmetics is here to domineer the market. 

They were really generous to also give us some of their top products to take home and try out and know that skin care and make up doesn't have to be very expensive and can bring out the best of yourself inside and out. 

Congratulations from Entertainment News Portal for your achievement and we hope you will have more blessings Beauty Wise and Moppa Cosmetics! 

About the Company
Beauty Wise is a brand created by JNJ Beauty Essentials and swiftly became known in the market by strong testimonials of satisfied consumers due to its effectiveness and noticeable results. It is positioned in the market with an accessible price point to be more competitive with other skin care brands. Beauty Wise yearn to inspire and empower women to be at their most confident, natural best. The company is committed to bring advanced skin care products and continue to innovate product offers to the market.

BeautyWise has popular and best-selling beauty products in three effective packages or sets: Rejuvenating Set, Anti-Melasma Set, and RejuvLite Set.

To learn more about the products, just visiting their official website and Facebook.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Gazini Ganados shares her top five Miss Universe candidates

Photos courtesy of Nina Eilisa and Dookie Ducay
Is this the beginning of a new sisterhood between this year's Miss Universe ladies?

Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados is now in Atlanta, Georgia in the US for this year’s prestigious Miss Universe competition. While the pageant is the much-awaited opportunity every year for a number of the world’s top ladies to show what they’ve got, for the candidates themselves, it’s also a chance to make new friends.

Ganados took the time to share the five Miss Universe candidates she loves to bond with after following their videos and social media content online. The lucky ladies are:

1. Frederika Cull, Miss Indonesia (@frederikacull)

Miss Indonesia Frederika Cull has a special place in Ganados’ heart after the former immediately congratulated her when she was crowned Miss Universe Philippines, but she wants to get to know her better after finding her online. “I looked at her Instagram and I saw how beautiful and sophisticated this lady is,” said Ganados. She also compliments the work Cull puts into working out and getting her body competition-ready, as well as the fact that she’s also a dog lover.

Photo courtesy of IMG Universe LLC.

2. Zozibini Tunzi, Miss South Africa (@zozitunzi)

Ganados admits she chose Zozibini Tunzi as one of the people she’d like to meet because of their similar names. “The moment she won, all the pageant fans went crazy and started tagging me in her photos,” she shares. “I like her name—it’s so sassy, but so smooth at the same time.” She also admires Tunzi for her advocacies in women’s rights and equality, as well as her work in fashion.

Photo courtesy of IMG Universe LLC.

3. Fahsai Paweensuda Drouin, Miss Thailand (@paweensuda)

Miss Thailand Fahsai Paweensuda Drouin and Ganados go back to when the former joined Miss Earth in 2017, and the latter rooted for her to win Miss Universe Thailand. “I’m so happy she’s going to be one of my sisters in this competition,” she says. “I’m pretty sure she will rock the universe.” Ganados compliments Drouin’s fierceness, elegance, natural looks, and her charity work.

Photo courtesy of IMG Universe LLC.

4. Julia Horta, Miss Brazil (@juliahorta)

Ganados is excited to meet Julia Horta of Brazil because of her smiling and approachable demeanor. “I want to be her friend if she’s always smiling and bubbly,” she says. She also praises Horta for being into muay thai, which she also does, sports, as well as her fashion sense.

Photo courtesy of IMG Universe LLC.

5. Gabriela Tafur, Miss Colombia (@gabrielatafur)

Colombia’s Gabriela Tafur struck a chord immediately with Ganados the moment she saw her on Instagram. “The first thing that I noticed when I checked out her Instagram was her abs when she was on the beach,” she says, and shares that Tafur’s similarities to a friend is what personally makes her interesting. On a related note, Ganados is also in awe of Colombia for the beautiful ladies the country always sends to international competitions.

Photo courtesy of IMG Universe LLC.

Find out more about Gazini’s top Miss Universe candidates and click this link to watch the full video.

Like Ganados did, you too can check out and follow her fellow Miss Universe candidates online, which is now a better experience with PLDT Home Fibr’s Speedboost, to find out the caliber of women she’ll be up against, and also leave good luck messages on her online page as she competes at the Miss Universe pageant on December 9!

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Note: Press release from PLDT and Ripple 8, Inc.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Send Off Press Conference of Janina Cariz Kurihara for Mrs. Tourism Queen International

Hello Ladies! Another Beauty Queen is now off to compete to get the crown for our country and let's all support Janina Cariz Kurihara this coming December 7 2019 for Mrs. Tourism Queen International. 

I was honored to be part of her send off press conference a few days ago at Kowloon House at West Avenue and was able to know a lot more about this stunning 27 year old mother of two cute daughters. As she had won, Mother Ovette Ricalde guided Janina as he had known her prior as a professional make up artist too and had seen her potential and encouraged her to join and luckily she won the title and now in Thailand to represent our country for the Mrs. Tourism Queen International. 

Born and raised in San Mateo, Rizal Janina was exposed to pageantry thru her love of make up and had done make up artistry for beauty queens and had learned so much from her clientele too. She also studied bachelor of arts major in English and has worked as a teacher for elementary and high school students which led her to her advocacy for education for the youth.  

She has an initiative to help her community and promotes discipline which will definitely help boost our tourism here in the Philippines. 

She also plans to launch "Discover and Learn" which is an initiative where kids from different barangays will be able to watch educational materials and documentaries from Discovery Channel and National Geographic. I do like this initiative she has because personally I grew up watching from those channels too as a young child encouraged by my father and mother because you will learn so much from these and the visual stimulation improves a child's creativity and expands their knowledge of the world around them. 

And according to Janina, she plans on donating television sets and projectors once she gets home, may she get the crown or not because education is very important to her and she also wants to impart that on the young minds of our country. 

I was also able to ask her about her preparation for the pageant which was intensive for her since she had quite a short time preparing but luckily with her team behind her all the way she was able to train and prepare despite the short time. She also had to have intensive therapy for her milk scoliosis to be able to do well on the pageant and I am very surprised that she has that but she showed grace and flexibility all throughout the press conference. 

Best of Luck to you Janina from us at Entertainment News Portal! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Cherry Prepaid Launches Ganda Promos and Vice Ganda as its Latest Ambassador

Cherry Prepaid has recently launched their latest promos and its ambassador at Novotel Manila yesterday. The Phenomenal and unkabogable comedian Vice Ganda is its newest ambassador along with 'Ganda Promos'.

As its set to level up the mobile data experience with its users Cherry Prepaid has expanded its offerings from the affordable CMSurf to the newest leveled up version - Ganda Promos. Powered by one of the telecommunication giants in the Philippines - Globe Telecom, it has become one of the most affordable and fastest provider of affordable data, call and text promos to the Filipino market.
Since its inception in 2015, Cherry Prepaid has been serving more than 5 million subscribers nationwide with its range of promos from data, call and text at affordable rates allowing everyone to be connected everyday of the year.

Knowing that Filipinos are among the heavy internet users of today, Ganda Promos is an upgraded version of  top pre-existing promos Cherry Prepaid. It is comprised of three packages: Ganda15, Ganda30, and Ganda60.

Ganda15 has 250mb good for three days for only 15 pesos which will allow us to stay updated to the latest happening on facebook and other social network apps.

If you want to upgrade for more usage, Ganda30 is for you with 550mb consumable in 7 days. This is perfect if you need to answer emails or do some online research definitely Ganda30 will save you a lot.

And lastly, for those that love to watch the latest trending videos on Youtube, stream their favorite playlists on Spotify, or Mobile Legends afficionados Cherry Prepaid offers Ganda60 which has 1.3GB worth of data valid for 15days for only 60 pesos.

These promos are definitely fit to our budget and needs to do our routines on the internet. Cherry Prepaid users can now enjoy bigger data along with its longer validity at an affordable price.

For more information about Cherry Prepaid, their promos and other updates visit:
Instagram: @cherryprepaid

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love tackles Millenial issues about Love in today's fast paced era.

Photos and Writing from Alice Mate for Entertainment News Portal

Last Monday, September 23 we were invited to the grand press launch of the highly-anticipated film by Regal Entertainment, Inc., Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love which is written and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana.

The Premise of the film is about five friends played by Jane Oineza, Jerome Ponce, Albie Casino, Myrtle Sarrosa and Tony Labrusca who are young, full of zest, and idealistic. After their graduation they agreed to camp by the lake overnight and they witnessed a meteor slicing through the night sky, they decided to make a pact to meet on the same spot the following year to celebrate their friendship, not knowing the surprises and challanges that await each of them in terms of career, relationship issues and societal issues.

As a Millenial myself, I can highly relate to their characters when I was younger too. When I was starting I felt that I can conquer everything but then life would be telling me otherwise.

And I think that is one thing we can expect especially that is what Director Jason Paul Laxamana also told us that this is not the conventional barkada movie since it tackles topics that other barkada films do shy away from.

Personally I would like to know more about Tony Labrusca's character on the movie further to what I saw in the trailer because like him, I also strived to make it big until I realized that life is not a competition and I learned not to compare myself to others on social media.
Another character that I want to see their development is Juna-Mae, played by Myrtle Sarrosa because she is the complete opposite of her boyfriend Hadji, Juna-Mae is pessimistic when it comes to love. Due to her past relationships she had become jaded when it comes to relationships and does not believe in the happily-ever-after which made her also afraid of commitment which affects her relationship with Hadji. I admit her character resonates to all of us female millenials and I want to see what happens in the movie is she has a change of heart because of Hadji.

Also starring are Kelvin Miranda, Kayla Heredia, Anjo Damiles, and Thia Thomalla.

The Film opens on cinemas on October 2, Nationwide.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tony Labrusca graces grand opening of Bacsi Bro’s first store

Tila nakatatak na sa mga Pilipino na kapag may bacon ang hapag kainan, maaring bagong sweldo o kaya’y laki sa mayamang pamilya ang nakakakain nito. Noon ‘yun. Ngayon ay pwede na nating araw-arawin ang pagkain ng bacon sa Bacsi Bro.

Pinagkaguluhan ang “Glorious” actor na si Tony Labrusca sa grand opening ng pinakaunang Bacsi Bro outlet sa Pilipinas. Bilang endorser, pinasinayaan niya ang ribbon cutting ceremony bilang hudyat ng pormal na pagbubukas ng nasabing kainan sa Ayala Malls Marikina noong Sabado, July 27.

Photo: Bacsi Bro's facebook page

Excited diumano si Tony sa pagbubukas ng pinaka unang outlet ng Bacsi Bro.

“Super excited ako at siyempre masaya na rin na we are opening the very first Bacsi Bro. This has been a really long process. Finally we have a first store in Metro Manila na very accessible for people. I’m very happy that people were able to try it. Masarap siya”. sabi ni Tony Labrusca sa isang interview.

Hindi rin napigilan ni Tony na magsabi ng kanyang favorite products sa Bacsi Bro.

Ano kaya ang favorite niya?

“Well ma-rice akong tao so gusto ko yung original Bacsi Bro. It’s made with rice, cheese sauce and bacon. Favorite ko rin yung Bacsi Wrap, na medyo light siya kung gusto mo yung quick to eat lang. Masarap din”. dagdag ng young actor.

Maliban sa kanyang kabi- kabilang endorsements at TV programs, mapapanood rin si Tony sa MMFF 2019 movie kasama si Vice Ganda.

Bacsi Bro’s facts check:
BACSI BRO’S is a new food concept that aims to bring All-day breakfast to a new and exciting level. Its very own signature sauces add flavour to its products. What makes it more unique is that it can be served not only with rice but with its scrumptious bread wrap. It’s under the company name called Uzi International Foods Corp.

Its products are as follows:
-Bacsi Wrap: Crispy juicy bacon, golden eggs topped with cheesy sauce and wrapped in baked pita bread.
-Cornsi Wrap: combination of corned beef, golden scrambled eggs, and signature sauces wrapped in
baked pita bread.
-Hotsi Wrap: combination of juice hotdog, golden scrambled eggs, and signature sauces wrapped in
baked pita bread.
-Tapsi Wrap: combination of cured beef, golden scrambled eggs, and signature sauces wrapped in baked pita bread.

These are all sold for Php60.

Other meal options just for Php75 per serving are Bacsi Bro, Tapsi Bro, Toci Bro, Cornsi Bro. Meanwhile, Chiksi Bro and Porksi Bro only costs Php75 per serving.

Photo: Bacsi Bro's facebook page

Bacsi Bro’s is also open for franchising thru U-Franchise. Email them at You may also contact them at 634-0586, 634-3717, 09178816999 and 09209830247

Monday, June 24, 2019

Dingdong Dantes named as MESA restaurant brand ambassador

Words and photos by Ryan Aguas

Actor Dingdong Dantes was named as the newest brand ambassador for MESA Filipino Moderne in a press presentation and contract signing last June 20, 2019 at the Skypark SM Aura, BGC Taguig. 

The event was attended by Dingdong Dantes himself along with Mr. Rikki Dee and Eric Dee, the father-and-son CEO & COO tandem of Foodee Global Concepts – the umbrella company of MESA, Mr. Raymond Federigan, Director of National Operations for MESA, Mr. Perry Lansigan, Talent Manager of Mr. Dantes and members of the media and blogging community.

The event also comes in line with MESA’s 10th anniversary as the management foresees the brand to grow bigger and better.

 “We are looking to close this year to have at least 70 operating stores as we prepare for our #MESAroadto100 campaign” explains Mr. Rikki Dee, CEO of Foodee Global Concepts.

 “Hopefully we can achieve this 100 stores goal a lot faster with the help of our new brand ambassador Dingdong Dantes”, Mr. Dee adds. 

They have chosen hip & modern family man Dingdong Dantes to best represent the brand as it transitions itself into a household Filipino casual-dining restaurant in the country and abroad.  

“Dingdong is the best representation of where we want to take MESA as a brand. He is a modern Filipino family man who puts family first and settles with nothing but the best for his family. In that same way, MESA treats its guests as its own family – nothing but the best in food, service and ambience for them here at MESA,” says Mr. Dee.

 “Through this collaboration with Dingdong and his team, MESA will be institutionalized as your go-to Filipino restaurant serving you authentic classic flavors served with a modern twist”, add Mr. Eric Dee, COO of Foodee Global Concepts.

Served during the presscon were some of MESA’s top-selling favorites namely their Crispychon served in 2 ways – wrapped in a pandan crepe with herbs and various dips or sauted with chili-garlic, MESA braised beef, Laing Two Ways, Baby Squid in Olive oil, Shrimp in Salted Egg Sauce, Tinapa Roll, and a few other dishes.

Asked about his favorite MESA dish, Dingdong said he likes the most their Baby Squid in Olive Oil “it tastes very good and you can eat it in many ways – with rice, with bread or on its own. It exemplifies the typical Filipino flavors and way of eating” Dingdong explained.

The Dee’s envision an accelerated growth for the brand in the next 3 years with the help of their partnership with Dingdong. 

“Our goal is to reach 100 stores for MESA by 2021, targeting not only major malls but stand alone stores in commercial areas and hotels all over the country and abroad.” Says Rikki Dee. 

The management also acknowledged the essential contributions of good franchise partnerships and up-coming franchisees in achieving their vision. They see MESA as a brand which will champion Filipino cuisine in the local and global food scene with a MESA branch in every major city in the country serving high-quality dishes in the most immaculate service possible for casual-dining restaurant while still keeping in mind the customer’s value for money.  

Thursday, May 16, 2019

In photos: JC Premiere 5th year anniversary celebration

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JC Premiere Business International celebrated its 5th year founding anniversary last May 12 at MOA Arena.

The event was attended by the founders, distributors, and resellers around the country and some parts of the world.

Carlito Macadangdang (CFO/Vice President) and Jonathan So (CEO/President) rocked the Arena as they handed out P500,000 each to five lucky raffle winners. They also shared some good news to the attendees. Starting May 14, all of their products will be having a lifetime buy one take one scheme. Distributors and resellers will also have the chance to travel Iceland for free upon reaching a sales quota.

Jonathan So (CEO/President)

JC Premiere achievers were also recognized during the event as they bring money and success to the company. They were given a plaque of recognition, incentives and cash prizes.

Carlito Macadangdang (CFO/Vice President)

Adding glamor to the event was the attendance of some sought after singers in the country.

Angeline Quinto

Angeline Quinto performed her hit song “Patuloy ang Pangarap” and JK Labajo’s Buwan.

Bamboo Manalac

Pinoy rockstar Bamboo bring the house down as he performed Awit ng Kabataan, Noypi and Nothing Like You.

The event was hosted by Mr. Fu and Gretchen Ho.

Gretchen Ho and Mr. Fu.

According to their website, JC Premiere Business International Inc. is a direct-selling organization whose global presence includes branches in Dubai, Taiwan, Philippines as well as business centers in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Oman and Singapore.

It specializes in high quality products formulated from the best ingredients in the world which could help individuals lead healthy balances lifestyles. Its health and wellness products are made from natural and organic materials while its beauty and personal care items are developed using the latest technology.

Some of its products are guyabano juice, glutafit, coffee, organic barley from New Zealand, green tea. For the beauty section, they have BB cream, white scrub, kojic soaps, toner, lotion, shampoo, and among others. You can find their products here.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

7 reasons why you should vote ASEAN party list

Win Ballada poses for photos during the press conference held last May 4 at Tipsy Pig Gastropub, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

Academicians, Students and Educators Alliance (ASEAN) may not be as famous as compared to other party lists. Yes their nominees are not established politicians. But one thing is for sure. They have the heart and mind to serve the Filipino people in Congress.

Win Ballada, the chairman and first nominee of ASEAN met some of the invited bloggers and press for an intimate meet and greet last May 4 at Tipsy Pig Gastropub, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

During the duration of our chat, I have decided to list down seven reasons why you should consider voting ASEAN Party-list this coming May 13, 2019 election.

  1. The nominees comprised of professionals and educators. Take for instance its Chairman and first nominee Win Ballada. He was a CPA Board 2nd Placer (May 1994). He was also an auditor, textbook author and academician. He served as a member of Finance Committee of the late Senator Miriam Santiago in the Senate for three years. Talking about credentials, Ballada have that.
  2. They represents the sectoral party of youth, professionals and OFW. Once elected, they will push the welfare of the said sectors.
  3. They believe that a family should have at least one professional member. They will identify the “poorest of the poor families” and nominate one or two children each family to enroll in a college education without grade requirements. They believe that grade doesn’t define its character. Once graduate, this student can help his family and can eradicate poverty.
  4. They will provide financial assistance to those graduates who wants to take any PRC Board Examination through “The Professional Review Subsidy/Financing Program”.
  5. They plan to build and improve public libraries through “Enhanced Public Libraries Act”. This can be achieved by updating library books so that our youth have accessible study and training areas.
  6. Through the “OFW Cheaper Remittance Act, they will initiate to decrease the remittance cost of the OFW. By this, this will help OFW to save their hard-earned money abroad and can help their family sustain their needs including.
  7.  They will lead in amending of PRC Modernization Act of 2000 by releasing the actual test questions of the PRC Board Exam and the publication of the Top 25 placers instead of the actual Top 10.

Mr. Ballada is a firm believer of education. According to him, education is the greatest leveler thus we should invest in them.

“Put people in the government with the right education and moral integrity,” Ballada added.

“One thing I can promise you, whatever trust and support you bestow sa ASEAN Party-list and on me personally, hindi ko ‘yan sasayangin. The advocacy we are pushing are essentially brought about our personal experiences. Alam po naming kung papano maging mahirap. Alam po naming ang fear na hindi ka makapag-aral. Alam ho naming ang fear na bumagsak sa board exam. Alam po naming lahat ho yan. Pinagdaanan po naming yan. We would want to be of help through our advocacies. Tulungan niyo ang ASEAN. Hindi kayo magkakamali. Hindi naming iyan sasayangin.” Ballada said.

Once again, don’t forget to vote ASEAN party. They are no. 23 in the party-list ballot.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Comedy Queen Aiai delas named brand ambassador of Siomai King

Siomai King has just found its new queen as Aiai delas signed an endorsement deal with JC Worldwide Frabchise. The contract signing was held last May 1 in Asian Fusion Ayala Malls Cloverloaf.

Present at the contract signing is the Franchise Manager of JC Worldwide Franchise, Evelyn Guarin, who also warmly welcomed delas Alas to their family.

“Hari ng Siomai meets ang Reyna ng Komedya. We can proudly say that our search for our queen is over as we welcome to our Siomai King family the Comedy Queen, Aiai delas Alas. We are very much delighted to have Ms. Aiai delas Alas as our newest franchisee along with our new hashtag, #SiomaiNgInaMo,” says Evelyn Guarin.

“We are looking forward to have business opportunity with Ms. Aiai and we are hoping that this partnership will bring more business to our company. We are happy to have her as our celebrity franchisee. And again welcome to our Siomai King Family,” added Guarin.

Evelyn Guarin with Aiai delas Alas.

Aside from the talent fee, delas Alas will be having four franchises of Siomai King.

“Thank you so much sa Siomai King at ako ang napili nilang brand endorser at franchisee ng Siomai King. Maraming salamat sa aking friend na si Jonathan So (owner of Siomai King). Thank you so much in believing sa kakayahan ko na sana ay makatulong ako sa Siomai King. Thank you and to God be the glory,” delas Alas says to the press.

Franchise details
For those who wants to be a franchisee of Siomai King, you can avail their special promo package known as “All in package”. For Php258, 888, you can start a siomai business. The said package includes the following: use of tradename and logo, business system, food cart, equipment, utensils, marketing collaterals. It also includes the personnel training of the crew, uniform, ocular inspection and site assistance.

About Siomai King
Siomai King is a concept owned by JC Worldwide Franchise Inc. It was established in 2006 by two entrepreneurs named Jonathan So and Carlito Macandangdang Jr. It offers the first and original 5-piece siomai in one serving. They offer four variants namely Hongkong siomai, Japanese siomai, chicken siomai and Shanghai siomai. 

Friday, April 5, 2019

What happened at the Bb. Pilipinas 2019 press presentation?

In case you missed it, here’s what happened during the Bb. Pilipinas 2019 press presentation.

The most important Bb. Pilipinas 2019 presentation took place last April 4. This is one of the major events of the pageant as they would be presented to the members of the press, sponsors, past beauty queens and most importantly to the BPCI officials. Based on legend (legend talaga?), the judges selected their favorites from this event and these ladies have the higher chance to place in the finals. Pageant bloggers/experts and media also pick favorites from this event. Any performers will be included in their leaderboard aka hotpicks.

Unfortunately, Madam Stella Araneta did not able to attend the event. According to my source, Madam SMA is currently in Colombia for a vacation. Anyways, other BPCI officers were present including major sponsors like Megaworld and ABS-CBN representative.

Also present were past beauty queens including Shamcey Supsup, Ara Arida and Nicole Cordoves. Of course, hindi magpapahuli ang mga reigning queens: Ahtisa Manalo, Michelle Gumabao and Jehza Huelar.

Enough of these narratives, let me present to you the happenings during the presentation of candidates.

1. Production number
The Binibinis opened the show with a production number to the tune of Jennifer Lopez’ “El Anillo

2. Swimsuit presentation
The girls paraded themselves showing their gym-earned abs wearing two-piece swimsuits by Domz Ramos and shoes by Jojo Bragais. Instead of the traditional numbers, the girls were called by their hometown/province with their sashes on. This is a first time in Binibini history. Miss Universe levels it is. Good job BPCI.

Here are the official candidates of Bb. Pilipinas 2019:

Jessica Marasigan, 25, Malabon City
Danielle Joi Magno, 25, Pangasinan
Martina Turner Diaz, 22, Muntinlupa City
Malka Shaver, 23, Zamboanga Sibugay
Sigrid Grace Flores, 26, Iloilo
Jane Darren Genobisa, 22, Davao del Sur
Honey Grace Cartasano, 25, Province of Rizal
Joahnna Carla Saad, 26, Dumaguete City
Melba Ann Macasaet, 25, Negros Oriental
Marianne Marquez, 26, Marikina City
Marie Sherry Anne Tormes, 27, Polangui Albay
Gazini Ganados, 23, Talisay City, Cebu
Maria Andrea Abesamis, 27, Pasig City
Leren Mae Bautista, 26, Laguna
Maria Isabela Galeria, 20, Sorsogon
Denise Omorog, 24, Baras, Catanduanes
Bea Patricia Magtanong, 24, Bataan
Hannah Arnold, 23, Masbate
Ilene de Vera, 23, Mandaue City, Cebu
Julia Saubier, 24, Daraga, Albay

Anne Baker, 26, Isabela Province
April Short, 24, Zamboanga City
Larah Grace Lacap, 25, Quezon City
Jean Nicole Guerrero, 25, Ilocos Sur
Samantha Ashley Lo, 26, Cebu City
Emma Mary Tiglao, 24, Pampanga
Samantha Mae Bernardo, 26, Palawan
Rubee Marie Faustino, 23, Province of Bulacan
Cassandra Colleen Chan, 24, Bacolod City
Rosham Saeed, 25, Maguindanao
Danielle Isabelle Dolk, 18, San Pablo City, Laguna
Mary Faye Cunanan, 22, Tarlac
Jessarie Dumaguing, 23, Puerto Princesa
Alanis Reign Binoya, 22, Batangas
Kimberly Mae Penchon, 26, La Union
Francia Layderos, 26, Libon, Albay
Samantha Poblete, 22, Cavite
Vickie Rushton, 26, Negros Occidental
Dia Nicole Magno, 24, Butuan, Caraga Region
Joanna Rose Tolledo, 25, Caloocan City

3. Novotel Manila poolside photoshoot
After the press presentation at the Monet 2 Ballroom, the ladies and the invited media proceeded to the 6th floor of the said hotel for the traditional poolside photoshoot.

In spite of the scorching heat of the sun, the ladies were all smiles to the media.

4. Mama J is the new Miss Universe Philippines “Creative and Events Director”
The popular pageant maker and talent manager Jonas Gaffud also attended the event. While waiting for the girls to arrive at the Novotel poolside, Gaffud had an ambush interview with the media. He confirmed in the interview that Miss Universe Organizations appointed him as the “Creative and Events Director” of the Miss Universe Philippines under the IMG Brand.

He will be responsible for elevating the level of Miss Universe Philippines further through his innovative and groundbreaking pageant creative concepts and ideas.

5. Ahtisa Manalo and Jehza Huelar pick favorites
TV reporters and bloggers had the opportunity to interview some of the reigning queens of Bb. Pilipinas.

Huelar was impressed by the transformations of this year’s contestants from the time they were screened. Meanwhile, Manalo is eyeing for five contestants who might get the Bb. Pilipinas International crown.

6. Press favorites?     
Some of the candidates were pick up from the holding area to do interviews with the media.

Aya Abesamis

Hannah Arnold

Gazini Ganados

Samantha Bernardo

Patch Magtanong

7. Miss Photogenic     
Accredited media filled-up a form and voted who is their choice for Miss Photogenic award. The votes will be tallied by BPCI staffs and the winner will be announced on the coronation night, June 9.

So there you, hope you’ve got a glimpse on what happened during the press presentation. The pageant is only starting and it’s early to tell who will win. I have my favorites of course but I will tell you in some other time. Please follow my social media accounts for more pageants and entertainment happenings: